Welcome to the Internet Blog for Seniors!

This blog is intended for parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who want to use the wide range of tools that are available today on the Internet, from simply surfing the web to buying online, using email, blogs and even social networking sites. Some of these people believe they cannot use the Internet, or do not understand why they would want to use certain tools, and so they never try. Others may actually try to use tools on the Internet but do not use them fully or wisely. Still others try to use tools on the Internet and get frustrated. This last group may stop using the tools. Or, more likely, they may try to get their children or grandchildren to help them, suffer through their child’s exasperation during an explanation, and still never become adept at using the tools. The goal of this blog is to provide a resource that will help people to use the Internet fully and safely.

My goal is not to give you a cookbook that outlines the steps to achieving a particular outcome. Instead, I want to help you understand the tools and the reasons you might want to use them. Rather than showing you how to use Facebook, for example, I want to help you understand why you might want to use Facebook, what options exist, and what risks are associated with various kinds of usage. In other words, you to become an educated consumer of the technology.